Thursday, February 25, 2010

WoS - Infinity Ward

This entry probably is one of the most painful entries added to the Wall of Shame. Given their history with the PC, Infinity Ward championed great production in both their Medal of Honor and Call of Duty franchises. In fact, they even earned my 'Best FPS' series of the decade. The sad truth though, is how horribly the ended the last decade. There's no reason to go into detail at this point, on how poorly IW implemented the PC version of CoD:MW2. Even IGN, the review site that gave it the bullshit 9.5 score, just published a 5 ways to improve multiplay in MW2. Oddly those 5 points have been dealt with back when we had dedicated servers ran by clans that cared. Unless drastic measures are taken, may as well count Call of Duty series dead.

Infinity Ward managed a clear message to PC gamers: give up on us. Go buy the next Battlefield game, Bad Company 2; which is rich in PC goodness.

[UPDATE:  How much has changed since the writing of this article.  Infinity heads have been fired and since joined Respawn Entertainment.  Additional employees have also left, likely to join in on the fun at Respawn.  So, in a nutshell, Infinity is no longer the company it was, buyer should beware.]

WoS features either a game developer or publisher that has screwed the PC market, generally with a complete lie or shady practice. In today's tight economy I believe its important to understand where your money is going, and who you should and should not support regardless of your gaming console preferences.

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