Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 E3 Proves PC Gaming is Strong

While consoles bumbled their way through new tech demos, often giving the viewers a queasy feeling that the death of gaming is near, as the industry moves toward social, casual,  and family oriented gaming. Reading the gamer blogs and review sites, it was had to find actual upcoming games in all the noise.  Fortunately, with a simple click on a PC link or tag, whoala, there you will find the E3 games, without the peripheral clutter.

As usual, I'll rank the awards, from review sites.  Here's the IGN breakdown:

PS3 - 8
PC - 7
360 - 6
Wii - 3

While the PS3 had the most titles win per category, if you look at the overall candidates, all but one (a Wii exclusive) will be a PC game.  In fact, on candidate Civ 5 is a PC exclusive.  The overall winners for both the PS3, and X360 are both available for PC as well.

A great showing for PC, and to think many of  the big PC Developers like Blizzard & Stardock were not at the event.

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