Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Activision's Comeback ?

Like Lucasarts, it would seems Activision is trying to turn over a new leaf.  Recently, Activision has decided to allow a fan made game "The Silver Lining" built in the Kings Quest universe to continue progress.  Activision had originally put a cease and desist order on it.  I've also accused them of lacking in original IPs.  Yet this month, they released a new IP called Singularity. Although mediocre reviews, its at par for a typical Raven game.  Additionally, this month they released what reviews are calling the first good Transformers game.   Not what I would have expected a year ago.

In part, with the loss of the Infinity Ward team and lawsuit, Activision is trying to recover from bad press.  Although what once made Call of Duty great is now dead, it doesn't mean Activision can't take the series in a new direction.  As long as the consumers know this and what their in for, then I'm fine with that.  As consumers, we ultimately decide the fate of such games.  If only professional review sites would have been a bit more honest about the past CoD game....but I guess harping on your financial backers isn't very professional either.

[EDIT: It's still not all sunny for Activision.  They are still responsible for breaking Starcraft 2 into a trilogy, a production model that still isn't fully understood by the gaming community.  Aside from....how to milk a license for all its worth.]

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