Thursday, February 16, 2012

Franchises Returning to the PC - 2012

2012 seems to be the year publishers are returning console exclusive titles/series back to the PC.  Yes I mean publishers, because Devs get little say in the platform a game is published in.  Take Two Interactive returns in a huge way.  The following are the titles returning to the PC for 2012.

Epic Mickey 2
Publisher: Disney
This really is a surprise.  A Wii exclusive decides to branch out to all platforms for the sequel.  It'll be interesting to see if they push a port of the 1st Epic Mickey.  Does anyone even use the word Epic anymore?

Pinball FX 2
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
This game had been an exclusive XBLA game, and yet its become the definitive modern pinball video game.  LArgly due to its big licenses (such as Marvel), as well as if its innovative elements.  PC gamers hope to see: dual monitors, vertical play, online network play, and Windows 8 touch integration.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Should PC gamers be offended that an indie dev would not release a game for PC.  Silly dev-dude, you can't make a profit from Microsoft Arcade.

Dark Souls
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Best original RPG of 2011, and yet not for the PC.  Obviously an over-site from Japanese developer From Software.  But thanks to a rally from the PC community, Namco Bandai has taken notice. Added 3 new locations.  Poor Keyboard/mouse support.

Spec Ops: The Line
Publisher: Take Two Interactive/2 K
The Spec Ops has always been weak, but it looks like more dev funds are being pumped into this next title.

Alan Wake
plus American Nightmare expansion
Publisher: Microsoft
PC Publisher: Nordic Games
How the hell could the makers of Max Payne ignore the PC for their new franchise?  I'll blame Microsoft, given the Publishers have changed.
[PC version turned a profit in just 48 hours]

Grand Theft Auto V
Publisher: Take Two Interactive
So after the dismal port of GTA IV, and the missing Red Dead Redemption, its wasn't clear if GTA V for PC would happen.  It will.

The Darkness II
Publisher: Take Two Interactive/2 K
Total Biscuit is targeting this game as a bad port, because it doesn't meet PC FoV standards. Thanks 2K, but try harder next time.

Publisher: THQ
It hasn't been clear, why Double Fine's last few releases have been null on the PC.   As of last year, it seems they are fixing their error. Stacking is just the latest Double Fine title to return to the PC.  We still love you Tim, we know you hate publishers.

Street Fighter X Tekken
Publisher: Capcom
Fighting games generally don't work out in a desktop environment, but for a mobile PC market, its pretty good.

Metal Gear Solid  ~5
Publisher: Konami
3 & 4 of the series did not show up on the PC.  Hell, I'm not really sure who Snake is ...I'll just assume its Sam Fisher's brother.  [To be fair, Metal Gear and Thief were the pioneers of today's stealth genera, not so much Splinter Cell.]

Rayman Origins
Publisher: Ubisoft
Another classic platformer appears for the PC, had great reviews.  If a Beyond Good & Evil 2 is produced, I'd bet Ubi will look at the sales of this game to determine a PC rollout.

Iron Brigade
Publisher: Microsoft

Castlevania 2
Publisher: Konami
Not the original, but the 2010 reboot of the same name.  PC gamer will get the sequel, but not the reboot. Listed as an action adventure.  This is probably geared more for the Asian market.

I am Alive
Publisher: Ubisoft
Not a well received game for console, bizarre the effort was made for this survival horror.

Scribblenauts: Unlimited
Publisher: Warner Brothers
So, a word oriented game, now lets you use a keyboard.  Wow.  At its core, its an adventure game.

Dementium 2
Publisher: Southpeak Interactive
Its bizarre to see a survival horror game release exclusively on the Nintendo DS. Traditionally, horror games are best played in the dark, with a good set of directional earphones.  They probably should have put out the 1st game on PC, as I have no interest in continuing a storyline.

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