Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 - A Dismal Start

2013 has been a horrendous start for PC gamers...

1) Aliens: Colonial Marines - was such a failure, even the developers don't want to man-up to creating the game.  so what should have been a slam dunk, churned into an air-ball.   Metacritic slams it with a 43/100, user score 3.3/10.

2) Dungeonland - What could have been a nice alternative to Magicka, we get a repetitive buggy mess with no real point to it. Developer responds by downplaying the expectations.   Metacritic gives it a 67/100.

3) Dead Space 3 - Introducing Micro-transactions and coop play does little to move a story or series forward.  Metacritic gives it a user score 5.8/10.

4) SimCity - As if the always on DRM for a single player game, wasn't cruel enough.  Servers were crashing  and burning, even when in play.  Screenshots of burning cities became cliche.  The small city limit also made the SimCity game feel crippled, and that was by design.  Metacritic gives it a 66/100, user score 1.7/10.

5) Piston Xi3 - This compact PC that was to bring the joys of gaming to a TV and mass market.  Launched with a $1000 starting point.  So much for shaking the PCs are expensive stereotype.

The Good News;  Tomb Raider, Bioshock, and Starcraft round out the rest of the month of March.

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