Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bioshock 2 reviews

Reading about Bioshock 2 and looking at the overall rating, it seems like two different stories. Based on previous writing, such as The List, I suspected there would be some backlash with the lack of Irrational's development of the sequel. IGN recently took a second opinion on the game from its various's a sample...

"I just can't get into BioShock 2. I've played for a few hours and have stopped with little need to continue. I keep thinking the same thing as I play: "I really want to play BioShock 1 again." I don't see the reason for returning to Rapture. The excitement of the original was discovering the underwater city. The only thing exciting is the ability to use plasmids and guns at the same time. But that also adds more fast-paced shooting to the mix and kills some of the brilliant pacing from the first game.

Ok, so maybe being a Big Daddy is fun? Eh, not really. Except for the visor on the edges of the screen and the fact that I take no fall damage, I don't feel like a bad ass Big Daddy. Not in the least. There is a story of Rapture that needs to be told -- but it's of how Rapture fell, not what came even further after the fall. "

"I feel that the first BioShock gets by largely on its unique atmosphere and compelling story. Its few unique gameplay elements are a nice diversion from typical FPS fare, but in reality the game plays like any other shooter 95 percent of the time. And if we're all being honest with ourselves, BioShock doesn't do shooting as well as games like Doom, Halo or even Killzone.

My hopes for BioShock 2 weren't high, but I was surprised to find how unchanged the game is. There's very little, looking at the game or playing it, to differentiate BioShock 2 from its predecessor. That might be okay if the gameplay was stronger, but BioShock isn't Halo. New levels and a couple of fresh weapons don't make a compelling case for having another go.

The atmosphere of Rapture is still strong, and while the plot and characters of BioShock 2 don't match the wonders of the original, they're still the driving forces of the game. Folks motivated by presentation might have zero problems with the sameness of BioShock 2, but as someone that values gameplay over all, I'd rather not have played it."

Its baffling with verbiage like the above, the game walked with a 9.1 rating. This really adds to the value for review sites to skip a scoring model an favor of telling you how it is (like Big Download or Zero Punctuation reviews). Then again, many of the "second opinion" verbiage did not make it into the original review. So really, whats up? Do professional reviews have to be rewritten...when the reviewer finally finishes the frick'n game? Just more proof, you really need to read reviews with little weight.

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