Tuesday, March 09, 2021

PC Gaming Companies 2021: Who owns Who

The purpose of these info-graphics are to simplify the answer to that question for PC gamers - Who owns what? For people that say they are going to boycott all EA games, that's going to include Pop Cap's Bejeweled, and Maxis The Sims games. If you are boycotting Call of Duty, maybe you should lay off on the Starcraft and World or Warcraft. Know where your money goes.
Summary: Tencent continues to take advantage of the pandemic economy and trade restrictions by flexing into additional developers.  Sony warms up to the idea that making PC games can be profitable.  Microsoft is serious about making games ...by purchasing developers.  Embracer Group plays with the big dogs, by becoming one.
  • PC developers only listed, so many developers will be missing (such as Sony devs).
  • Must have developed a PC game in the last 5 years, some developers that made PC games, have converted to console/mobile market only.
  • Graphic based on ownership only, not publishing deals.
  • If parent company is in the name, it is not displayed, such as EA Sports, EA Canada, etc.
  • Services are selective, such as Pogo.
  • Display the current ownership between developers and their parent companies. This does not cover the history, past buyouts, mergers, or closures.
  • Individual companies are not listed.
  • Flag represents the parent companies country

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