Monday, March 01, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

For those that remember the old EPYX Olympic Games series, EPYX had a method to determine who won overall, based on a scoring matrix; Gold=3, Silver=2, Bronze=1. As I do after every Olympics, here's the real overall breakdown.

USA - 70
CAN - 63
GRM - 63
NOR - 49
SKO - 38
AUT - 30
RUS - 26
CHI - 23
SWE - 23
SWI - 21
FRA - 18

Although Canada had the most Gold, they still were unable to top the USA overall collection. Canada tied Germany, however gaining more Golds would act as the tie breaker. South Korea would have shifted over Russia and Austria, putting both at a lower rank (Love to hear what Putin would say to that). The French would have also been bumped by the Swiss.

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