Sunday, April 04, 2010

April 1 Game Jokes Suck

At this point, its safe to say, April 1st jokes on gaming review sites, or the whole internet for that matter, has jumped the shark.  Yeah, we know what day it is, yeah we know not to believe what you say.  My defense to all this is purely, stay away and read a good book.  I really don't mind, finding an excuse to read a good book.

However, one problem remains...its April 4th, and still the over used April 1st jokes are still lingering on professional sites.  This just plain sucks, considering this is the time of year that gaming news is a bit slow.  The A1 jokes just don't get cycled fast enough.  I understand the need not to remove posts for historical sake, but it would help if an editor would come by a banner each joke with a disclaimer at this point.  Instead I'm forced to waife through all the crap comments by 8 year olds, to see if a post has any validity to it.

Its been bad enough trying to believe some of the crap reviews some sites give games (due to site advertising, publisher deals, invested interest, lack of knowledge, etc) April 1st simply will not help your site.

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