Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Game Sales - By the Numbers

International group Newzoo recently put together a report (pdf) on what gamers spend their money on.  This group, finally takes a different approach then the traditional "retail" sales that the US tend to base this type of data.  Newzoo surveyed 13,000 respondents ages 8 and up.  It refreshing to see a group take this approach...finally.

Below is a graph from the report.  I do have problems with how they conducted this though. Basically, the console group gets 3+ devices pooled together for their stat, while the PC gets split between, Casual (portal), Hardcore (PC), and MMO.

I interpret the USA more like 30% for Wii; 15% for X360; 15% for PS3; 35% for PC, and 4% for mobile.  Other countries favor the PC even more.  This shows, there's not only money to be made in the PC market, but its where the majority profits reside.

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