Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Where are the Starcraft 2 Reviews?

It would seem the professional sites that review games are taking their dear sweet time with reviewing Starcraft 2.  And for what reasons?  The beta has been out for about a year, so its not like there's much more newness.  The reason, they actually want to play the game all the way through.

 This exposes the biggest problem when you put your trust in one of these sites.  The sad truth is, they simply don't have the time to play a game from begginning to end before they put out their review.   Reviewers are built of the Atari 2600/NES mentality, where you play a game for a few hours, and thats pretty much the entire game. 

 The year though is 2010.  Games have tremendous depth.  An RPG can take me a year to play.  A good RTS can take a year to master.  No wonder Adventure games get poor reviews...the whole story is the game Would be like watching half of Inception, then writing a review.  The simple facts, when you look at a review, keep in mind your looking at something that is incomplete.  If anyone knows a site that really takes its time, please list in comments.

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