Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of Year Award Analysis 2010

That time of year again to break down which system received the most awards as per various review sites.   Something to note, the problem with looking at the heavy hitter review sites, is they totally miss the fabulous indie titles which easily contend with the AAA titles.


X360 - 11
PS3 - 9
PC - 8
Wii - 3

Gamespot (Categories & GotY)

X360 - 7
PS3 -4
PC - 4
Wii - 3

1Up Annual Report Card
PC - A
X360 -B+
PS3 -B
Wii -C+


X360 -15
PC - 11 
PS3 -7
Wii - 3


The Read Dead effect -
For the majority of the lists, the PC gets edged out from multiple awards due to Read Dead Redemption. Additionally, Limbo game Xbox an additional edge.  Both games are predicted to be available for the PC in 2011 (no official announcement).

Death to the categories -
I simply don't understand how sites still recognize Music/Rhythm as a category, while ignoring Horror and Adventure.  Music/Rhythm is the same shit title with a incremental  number tacked on to the end of the brand.  Horror titles seem to only show up on years Resident Evil has title in play, yet we saw probably the best Horror ever this year: Amnesia.

PS3 - 
With the ratio of PS3s in living rooms closing in on the other consoles in 2009, publishers saw value in 2010 to develop titles for the PS3 (along with X360 and PC), bringing them closer and at times over the PC. 

Inconsistencies -
This has been called the year of the Wii, when AAA "Grown up" titles are published for the Wii, yet at the end of the day, ya look at the lists above, and the Wii sits consistently at the bottom.  While the PC is given grand kudos for its comeback, due to data from online purchases show that PC gamers really do exist, I don't personally feel it was a great year for PC.  If anything online retailing is old news in 2010, and PC games are graphically crippled for the aging console market.  I suppose, that gives way to some good news , as the PC market hasn't had the need to constantly upgrade, opening its audience base.

In Summary...
Many sites won't release GotY articles until after the new year.  Unless there's a big shocking twist, this sample should sum it all up for 2010.  In conclusion, if you want a console that has simply the best selection of award winning games, its the X360, or just wait for Rockstar to release RDR for the PC.

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