Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Beyond Good and Evil; PC v HD

In 2003, Beyond Good and Evil was one of the best games I've played to date.  Eight years later, and we have yet to see a sequel to this very unique universe.  Instead we (Xbox) get a HD version for 2011, which includes improved graphics & sound, but lacks overall camera/interface improvements.  Generally, these HD versions test the market for the potential of a sequel, and a good way of getting the brand into the hands of new buyers, who may have missed the game during the original release.

My issues, the HD version isn't much of an improvement over the original PC version.  So if you've played the PC version, your really not going to see much of a difference.  Need proof? Check out the screenshots after the break:

What better test, then a close up of Jade.  Top is PC, bottom is HD (Xbox).  The rock on the right seems slightly more textured, but still pretty tame for today's standards.  If you look closely, the HD version has some hair (very top) that is out of place, where the PC does not.  Not really something noticeable outside of a still image.  Oh, the bushes seemed to have moved closer together.

Yeah...I'm not really seeing it.

Video examples:

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