Friday, July 01, 2011

Let's Play Non-PC Exclusives

No no, I'm not going console.  Just simply sucked into the hype of non PC titles.  So, I'll often resort to watching the game on a Youtube "Let's Play" recording.  I know, its not truly the same as actually playing them, however, I am from the crowd-around-the-arcade-cabinet to cheer on the  In some ways the value of the recording, commentary, choice of gameplay will effect the experience too.  So, I'll concede its not the same experience, but its close enough to understand the hype and determine if I'd really want to get a console someday.

So here's my take on a few I've watched:

Uncharted -
I get the feeling kids that love this game have no idea they're playing an interactive version of Romancing the Stone with a Tomb Raider engine.  Gun play, banter, jumping puzzles, its been done and stale.  Seriously, being able to shoot and move at the same time is an unlockable achievement.  PS3 players live sheltered lives if they love this game.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 3DS version
I've had tons of people tell me if I like RPG, I've "got to" play this game.  So, I figure with the re-release of it on the 3DS, I'd give it a look over.  Jesus Christ, what the hell?   This game is obviously embracing nostalgia, from folks that played it when they were 10.  What crap, couldn't finish it, after about 15 videos.  Make no mistake, this game is a JRPG, and this game does not change my view on the genera.  As for those that recommended it.  I forgive them, as I understand the power of nostalgia.  I'll still love the D&D cartoons, even though they're pure crap.

Wow, this game is one for the history book for pure awesome.  I actually regret watching this, as its recently been announced for the PC.  This game is proof, I don't hate all Let's Play non-PC, well I guess its not an exclusive anymore.   Hmmmm.

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