Friday, March 09, 2012

Did Apple just kill the Wii U?

Nintendo's newest console is expected in time for the 2012 Christmas season. The big change? It now has better graphics, supporting 1080 resolution output to your television.  It also changed up the UI with a new type of controller, the Wii U controller.  Aside from physical buttons, This new controller sports a 6 inch 854×480 screen which interacts and supports the action on the television, often displaying different info.  It can also display a full game on the controller and has a touch element.

However this week, the "new" Apple iPad "3" was announced and it supports ...nothing really new.  Instead it upgrades itself with some amazing new specs, including a 2048×1536 display!  This is significant, as it officially puts it in competition with the current consoles, and in some ways, even excelling.  My point, when you couple the tech from iOS 5 with the new iPad 3 tech specs, you basically get something that is much better then the Wii.

Hackers have already proven that the iPad can successfully emulate a Wiimote (jail breaking required) .  Really, that's not too difficult, considering the Wiimote uses off-the-shelf Bluetooth tech to communicate. 

 Then there's Apples AirPlay Technology, which allows the iPad to stream and interact to your television.  The results can be seen in the video below:

Of course Nintendo still has Mario, Zelda, and fanboys.  Plus, they'll bundle it all together for the casual market and a reasonable price.  Granted the casual market moved on to mobile devices and Facebook, its possible Nintendo can win back a few of those users.  Nor do I see Apple approving Wiimote emulation software in the istore.  However, the main takeaway, is that Nintendo has been schooled by Apple.  Not only will Apple have their product out first, it'll make the Wii U look archaic. Aside from the iPad, the Wii U is in competion with the former Wii.  If the Wii U flops, it'll be 2 strikes for the company.  Making Nintendo ripe to be bought out by Apple.

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