Monday, January 28, 2013

The List - February 2013

PC games worthy of mention for this month, ordered by my interest. (Monthly US releases are only estimated, game may end up all hype and really suck).

After a lull of titles the last 2 months, things pick up for the new year.  Coop brings it on strong.

Crysis 3 - Shooter
Series has been a strong front-runner with visual and audio effects placed in a sandbox-ish environment.  That's good enough reason to be on the list.

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Shooter
This game took way too long to produce, which often leads to a poor game.  It has full campaign coop gameplay, where you play the marines in the original Aliens movie.  Not clear what the game will bring to the shooter genera, but if a fan of the universe, potential to be had.

Brutal Legend - Action
This is a late add.  Stay tru to their roots, Double Fine puts out its Rock N Roller comedy action thing out for PC players.

Dungeonland - ARPG
This game is a bizarre idea where up to 3 players can troll a Fantasy theme park, while a 4th person can act as the overlord (ie Dungeon Master) tries to bring down the party.  Note: this game is from a brand new developer based in Brazil (Critical Studio), and aside from same publisher, has no affiliation to the team that did Magika.

Dead Space 3 - Shooter
This next chapter will introduce micro-transactions and coop.  DS2 felt a bit like Doom with Resident Evil controls and a Silent Hill Soundtrack.  They need to do something about that ...the microtrasaction model doesn't help to give me faith.

The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim: Dragonborn - RPG; DLC
Game continues to pour out new official content.  Unlocks new area in Morrowind, the island of Solstheim.

Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness - RPG;Strategy
This is one of those series that never sucks, yet never seems to excel.  It serves a nitch market.

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