Monday, June 24, 2013

E3 2013 PC Summary

E3 2013 is over, and the major game review sites are putting out their meaningless best-of-show awards.  Instead of talking about whats best, here's a summary of the high and lows of the conference from a PC perspective.  As always, keep in mind E3 is only as good as the devs that attend.  Many PC oriented developers, such as Blizzard and Valve do not attend.  With the release of the new consoles, it seemed the huge 2013-2014 PC games were a bit lost in the clouds.

The Low Points

The new Thief gave very mixed signals about how true its going to stick to the original gameplay.

Destiny and Tom Clancy's Division have not been announced for PC

The High Points

New consoles finally released, will allow devs raise the bar from 8 year old graphics.

Titanfall seems to be a popular choice for best of overall.  I'm not as excited, looks like Mechs with Tribes, but the real take-away here:  Former Infinity Ward developer, Respawn will continue to support the PC.

The Crew, a new driving sim, looks to be one of the largest cross country games to date.  Also to have coop and some form of RPG.

Witcher 3 pulling many "overall best" awards.  Not bad, for an Eastern Bloc Dev.

HD Oculus Rift - So the new consoles hit the floor, and its the HD Oculus Rift gathering all the cool hardware awards.  Not to mention cash just keeps flowing into development.

Total War 2,  ARMA 3, Elder Scrolls Online continues to impress.

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