Friday, September 04, 2015

Computer Gaming 500 - The Best - Time Sappers

Computer Gaming 500 is an ongoing series about my computer gaming experiences totaling 500 titles.  Continuing the listing games that received the perfect 10; see intro for more info.

There are certain games that are notorious for making you loose track of time and space around the husk of which yourself presides.  That moment when you realize the sun is rising and you missed the sleep cycle for the day.  What happened was after all, just one more turn.  This type of game is so good, you get whisked into its universe and may never return to reality if not for the pressure of thy bladder or tho must sleep.  Some games over time will often feel like a grind over time, or have you checking the story progress to see when its over.  These perfect 10s however, gave the smoothest of sailing from beginning to end.

3 years before the popular Star Wars X-Wing hit the shelves, PC gamers were able to experience a completely original story set to an amazing sci-fi universe.  Dust off the old c64 joystick, as you thought you'd never go back to after discovering the mouse and gamepads.  Listen to the mission summary, strap in, and prepare for a space sim you've been waiting for ever since you played MS Flight Simulator.  Sure X-Wing let you experience your youth, and checked off a childhood bucket list, but it had the same mechanics and process as what Wing Commander already covered.  Wing Commander fathered the space sim genera.  It probably helped I'm not a cat person, so the idea a cat race out there turning on human kind isn't really that far fetched for me!  

This series coined the term, "just one more turn".  So addictive had the series become, they built in an alarm clock to let you know when its time to put the game down.  Civ 2 seemed to hit the sweet spot for the series, before it began to feel like a rehash of itself.  Its not to say the others are bad, just no the perfect 10 experienced in 1996.  In a gaming world of shooters and RPGs, Civilization made turn based strategy cool again with its approachable style that set the bar for anything after its release.

Portal (2007)
Sadly Portal was the last perfect 10 that I have rated.  With its humor, thought out puzzles, and original gameplay, I had completely lost track of time and finished it in one sitting.  And the ending credits really put the icing on the cake for me.  Just simply a rare gem in a world of gaming that become to much rehash with limited innovation.

Although Portal was the last game I have personally played resulting with a perfect 10, the list continues with 12 more games to talk about.

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