Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The List - April '10

PC games worthy of mention for this month, ordered by interest.
(Monthly US releases are only estimated, game may end up all hype and really suck)

Finally, the Christmas season of gaming has ended.  Things begin to slow down as we head into summer.  Yes, this is a good thing, the over saturation of games, reminds me of the days leading up to the death of Atari.

Splinter Cell: Conviction - TPS
Many have waited a long time, to see what happens next to Sam.  New control scheme and team of developers raise valid questions if the same feel will continue to exist, or will the once stealth game feel too arcadey .  Tack on Ubisoft's horrendous DRM, and this game could flop on the PC.  The pluses; co-op is back, and so is Sam.

Sam and Max 2 Beyond Time and Space - Adventure
I'd prefer to wait for the episodes to be bundled, however, worth noting Sam and Max has begun a 3rd episode officially.  They'll be less episodes this season, then in the past.
Really messed this one up.  Just know Season 3 has started, its called "The Devil's Playhouse", 5 Episodes, probably end in August.

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