Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reddit Games vs Gaming

Today, 2 of the same articles posts appeared on the top 5 list for both and  One article was the new Borderlands 2 Trailer, the other was Total Biscuit's rant about Mass Effect 3 DLC.   The difference lies within the comments.  Make no mistake, GAMES.reddit is for hard core gamers that love the sport and tend to be in their 30s.  Many responses may actually help you make a decision as they tend to lean toward the PC.  GAMING is for the under 18 meme hungry age group that enjoy fart humor, Pokemon, flame wars, and revolting against everything.  So to demo this, here are the top comments:

Borderlands 2 Trailer -
"Please don't cock-up the PC port this time."
"I loved that they admited the use of WUB WUB and the Bestie Boys reference."

"I think this game might have a lot of guns involved, I'm not really sure though, just a vibe I'm getting."
"All I wanted from a sequel, 258 gazillion more guns, and I got it. Sweet."

Total Biscuit DLC Rant -
"It's the unfortunate side of a game being successful. Publishers, like EA, can pull this stunt because they know there's an audience that will pay for day one DLC or for the collector's edition."
"Video game publishers are hoping to turn their business from a fully packaged product to a service."

"I really hope people actually do something about this. EA / Bioware should know this is an unacceptable practice to cut out such a vital part of the story / lore of a game and resell it as dlc. If nothing else to stop it from happening again. Will not be buying mass effect 3 whatsoever and have already cancelled my SWtor subscription because of it. Sad that it had to come to this but the price of the added dlc is not worth what little dignity I have left."
"TB is correct guys. We need to create as much uproar as possible maybe EA will back down. How about they make it free for new purchases just like they did in ME2. That is reasonable."

I personally enjoy both, and that's why I have both on this site.  However, know your audience, and enjoy.

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