Friday, February 15, 2013

The List of RTS - 2013

A list of RTS games for PC for 2013.

A recent article, noted the real time strategy RTS genera had been declared dead.  Strange because other articles claim the turn-based strategy is back from the dead. Listed below are the RTS games expected to be released in 2013, indicating the genera is very much alive.  New games from developer teams: Company of Heroes/DoW I, Homeworld, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Total Annihilation all make an appearance in 2013.

C&C Generals 2
While the 1st Generals was an absolute blast mixing completely different strategy types, Generals 2 will be approaching with a Free 2 Play model, where you can purchase "General"s which may skew balance.  Factions this time around are very similar: European Union (EU), terrorist faction (GLA), and Asian faction (APA).  Given the recent failure of Age of Empires:Online, it would be in the best interest to rethink thus model.  Game is a classic base builder/resource manager RTS.

Company of Heroes 2
THQ is no more.  But the game will live on, under the leadership of SEGA.  SEGA also owns the Total War series, so it could be a good fit.  Company of Heroes 2 will show very little change from the original, mostly focusing on engine enhancements and the WWII eastern front.

Europa Universalis IV

Planetary Annihilation
Its a fully and overly funded Kickstarter, that acts as a Total Annihilation spiritual successor.  Logical considering its from the original team that did Total Annihilation minus the over-rated Chris Taylor.  In many ways, this game could revolutionize RTS gaming by making combat on and off world.

Sins of a Dark Age - MOBA
Another Free to Play game, from the makers of sins of a Solar Empire.  Game tries to leverage coop gameplay into the MOBA genera.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Blizzard milking the Starcraft IP with more units, etc.  Single player story will follow the Zergs, instead of Terrains.

Total War: Rome 2
Hands down, Rome was the best of all the Total War games.  If they can keep the rich depth with a newer UI, it can be an instant classic.

Hardware: Shipbreakers
A bit of a Homeworld on land vibe to it, claims a new level of 3D RTS.  Made by the creators of Homeworld.  F2P.

Wargame Airland Battle - RTS
Sequel to Wargame European Escalation, this RTS is for the hard core strategy audience.  Has 12 Nations, 750 units.  Focus on present day warfare.

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