Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great PC Soundtracks

So what makes a good soundtrack for a video game. Well, for starters, if it repeats over and over and over to ad nauseum (see Mario), then its not music, but rather a annoying jingle that forces you to finish the level faster. No sir. A good soundtrack requires multiple songs, originality, longevity (meaning you can play it in the car without feeling like too much of an ass), and a smooth transition into the game, making it alive. There's probably a good chance, the game came with a soundtrack as a separate sell. Listed in no particular order, with some samples other folks posted on the Nets (so don't go after me!). Credits to garudoh making many of these available. So without further adieu...

Breakout with better everything, including music. Okay, breakout didn't have any music.

Although an original arcade simulator, the game has seen many versions on the PC. The music from this game encapsulates both the need to drive fast, yet enjoy the sun along the way.

Vampire: Bloodlines
Pure rock, no crap. The music from various bands capture the atmosphere from beginning to end. Favorite: Smaller God (Swamped listed below). Other resources.

No One Lives Forever 2
Move over Austin, Monolith's Cate Archer grooves with all the right curves...well as long as your practicing safe anti-aliasing. Yeah Baby! Info on musician Becky Kneubuhl. Favorite: "Santa's Workshop" (second song, under NOLF2 media section).

Star Control 2
Every Alien got its own groove. Every groove had an alien. .mod files managed to pack many in small package. For More info. Other great Fan mixes. Favorite: QuasiSpace. SPOILER: below is ending credit sample.

Who doesn't like a good Spaghetti Western? You'll never hear music like this from LucasArts...ever...again. Favorite: Sanchez the Outlaw.
More info.

Okay, maybe I'm cheating, since the game only had two songs. However, since the game was so short, any more, and it would have been a musical. SPOILER - Portal ending credits listed.

Monkey Island 2

Arrrrh, this be proper pirate music. From beginning to end, the music flowed with the witty atmosphere of which the game flowed from all its scurvy bits. More info

Full Throttle
Man, was LucasArts good, WTF happened to them. Anyways, the Gone Jackals Rock this game with the right kind of Metal...that's the kind you can understand.

Baldur's Gate
8 years, it took to play the entire series. 8 years! This music is forever stuck in my head. Heavily inspired by the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian.

Grim Fandango
More "when Lucas Arts was good" music.

The Curse of Monkey Island
MI takes music to a newer higher quality of sound cards in this 3rd release of Monkey Island.

Eye of the Beholder II
Probably the Best of the series. Certainly the best music from the classic dungeon crawlers.

Hypnotic yet beautiful without the annoying.

Command & Conquer
The original, all down hill once Westwood Studios was gobbled up.

God bless their little suicidal hearts. Many remixes of some classics.

Sam and Max: Hit the Road
I miss the days, they put the sound track on the CD, to be played in a regular player.

Missing a favorite? Post in comments.

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