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PC Coop Games 2009

Coop lists for a different year.

2008 was hailed the year of cooperative games. Yet over half the games coined coop were cut or delayed (15 dropped, 6 published). Some titles may show up in 2009, while others became vaporware, mostly due to economic difficulties. As before; I'll define "Co-op games" this way...

  • Must be online or LAN, no split screens
  • Must involve 2 or more human players
  • Players work along a progressive storyline, campaign, or various goals
  • Does not have to be the same as single player campaign
  • Generic RTS Skirmishes, and Team based game types like CTF and Deathmatch are not included
  • No MMOs
I'll keep this page updated throughout the year as facts come in. WARNING: This list is infamously subject to change. Metacritic score weights single player heavily, out of 100.


Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter - FPS - 16 player
A graphical remake of a 2001 game. If you like a no thinking shoot fest where you run backward as much as forward, this is a must have, just don't expect a plot. This is the only 16 player none-MMO coop game I've seen in a while.
Metacritic -68

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - FPS - 2 player
First Infinity Ward's CoD to include coop. This will not be the campaign, nor will there be zombies. Rather, what you get is something called 'special ops' mode. This mode will be a 2 player challenge to get to the end. Think maps like the airplane bonus map in CoD:MW1.
Metacritic - 92

Left 4 Dead 2 - FPS - 4 player
More zombie killing, like L4D1. With enhancements, like dynamic map layout, melee weapons, and new characters. Yep, its a mod sold like a new version.
Metacritic -89

Painkiller: Resurrection - FPS - 2 player
Painkiller series is one of those games I liked but never could explain why. It was so simple and to the point, brain dead entertainment. This will be the 3rd installment, might end up feeling like Serious Sam.
Metacritic - 39

Borderlands - FPS/RPG, Sci-fi - 4 player
Diablo meets Mad Max.
Metacritic - 83

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - FPS - 4 player campaign, 8 player coop matches
Another modern-day military shooter, which claims tactical realism. Much like GRAW. They recommend a quad core.
Metacritic - 76

Resident Evil 5 - TPS - 2 player
This series has a reputation for showing up late for the PC. This will be the first time the license gets the coop mode. ...and as expect, will be out for PC this year.
Metacritic - 86

Madballs in Babo: Invasion- shooter - 4 player
Based on 80s toy franchise. Kids game; shoot stuff.
Metacritic - 68

ArmA II - FPS - 4 player
Tactical shooter (Ghost recon type gameplay).
Metacritic - 77

Overlord 2- rpg/strategy - 2 player
2 modes: a kill-the-boss mode, and a 'survival' wave mode.
Metacritic - 79

Damnation- TPS - 2 player
Cyberpunk shooter that takes place in an alternate reality, where the Civil War kept going at least 40 more years. Game claims to have vertical gameplay elements, much like Prince of Persia, and Assassins Creed.
Metacritic - 45

Killing Floor - FPS - 6 player
Concept from the Unreal 2004 engine mod of the same name. Created by the same group and the help from Tripwite, this game will be a polished version of the mod, tossing waves of zombies, and purchasing breaks at the players. Sounds a bit like the CoD:WaW zombie bonus stuff. Price is dirt cheap.
Metacritic - 74

AI War: Fleet Command - RTS - 8 player
This is the first indie game added to the list, originally brought to my attention by the developer in the below comment field. With the coop gameplay going crazy these days, I expect to see more indie co-ops. On paper, this Sci-fi space RTS looks like it has great potential. Reading the various features (too many to list), demonstrates the developers have really done their homework on the genera and have a true love for the games they play. Lacks a campaign, but is goal oriented. Can't comment on gameplay at this point, but they have a demo. This game has no relation to A.I. Wars.
Metacritic - 80

Delta Force: Xtreme 2- FPS - 4 player
Very little marketing for this one. Claims 9 coop missions within 2 campaigns. Probably will have a bargain bin coop gaming feel to it as graphics look dated. AI also dated.
Metacritic - 49

Battlestations: Pacific- Arcade Flight/Naval Sim - 8 player
WWII Flight/Naval Sim. Think Battlefield without the infantry. Campaign mode not be supported for coop, however, coop option will be task oriented.
Metacritic - 75

Men of War- Strategy - 4 player
A WWII real time tactics game. Getting higher expected reviews. A spin off from the series; Soldiers: Heroes of World War II & Faces of War. Developed by Ukrainian group.
Metacritic - 79

Tom Clancy's HAWX- Arcade Flight Sim - 4 player
The Tom Clancy name dives into the flight sim genera with this game. Remember calling in air support when in Ghost Recon... well now your that support.
Metacritic - 70

Codename: Panzers- RTS - 2 player
Alternate history in 1949. RTS, will focus on USSR units vs Allies.
Metacritic - 67

Warhammer Dawn of War II- RTS/RPG - 2 player
Relic spins the genera a bit, adding more tactic gameplay with RPG elements. Coop will feature drop in/drop out option for 2nd player. Coop follows the main single player campaign. Unfortunately, the 2nd player doesn't get to keep any of the benefits, only the host.
Metacritic - 85

Saints Row 2- Action - 2 player
GTA4 inspired game, with over the top zaniness....with Coop option. Instant hit right? Well, early adopters report game is buggy. Best to wait for patch, but not to write off yet.
Metacritic - 72

Metacritic average for 2009: 73 out of 100.

updated: 11/2009


Christopher M. Park said...
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Christopher M. Park said...

Great list! You might also want to look at AI War: Fleet command, the first game by my small indie studio (link: It's an entirely-cooperative RTS, and so far people seem to be finding it a lot of fun to play. I'm all about the co-op in general, my wife and I tend to play most games together, and for RTS my dad, uncle, and I have been doing RTS skirmish against AIs in games since 1998. So lists like this are always helpful to players like me!