Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Overall Best PC Games of the Last Decade

Overall Best PC Games of the Last Decade (2000-2009)

Best Shooter - Call of Duty Series
Hype you can believe in. The (soon to be Infinity Ward) team broke out with Medal of Honor, before signing on with Activision with the better known CoD series. During this time period, the series managed to continue keeping the shooting genera feeling fresh with non stop heart pounding action. By the end of the decade, the CoD series is one of the most successful (non-bundled) selling game series of all time.

Best RTS - Rise of Nations
Brian Reynolds, IMO, was the real mastermind behind the Civilization series. So when Brian broke out of the grip of Sid Meier, he formed 'Big Huge Games' and set out to do the inevitable, yet thought impossible. Making a Civ like game, in the RTS genera. The result: Rise of Nations, FTW.

Best Strategy - Total War Series
With Civ stuck constantly trying to reinvent the same formula it had in the 90s, the Total War series continues to branch out into unknown territories. Hard to believe TW started just the last decade with Shogun, then moved into the more familiar Euro Medieval times. With a remake of Medieval 2:TW, to Rome:TW, to Empire:TW, Total War manages to merge large scale combat with precision story telling strategy. To date, nothing can compare, nor compete specifically with its diverse nature.

Best RPG - Baldur's Gate 2 Series
Though the first Baldur's Gate put Bioware on the map, BG2 put them on the road to success. Quite honestly, making them the best RPG developer ever. Toss in some near perfect gameplay storyline, mod support, and of course coop multiplay...this series set a bar that still has not been toppled.

Best Adventure - Portal
It was a triumph, taking a note here, huge success. Some may argue Portal is not an adventure game, but I ask, why the hell not? Do you kill anyone, no. Do you have puzzles, yes. Does it have a rich story with periodic humor, why yes. So it is an adventure to be sure, and the best I've seen since the LucasArts classics in the 90s.

Best Platformer - Beyond Good and Evil
When it came to deciding this genera winner, it really came down to, which would I like to see a sequel for? Well, all of the great original titles of course! But Beyond Good and Evil, edges out thanks to character development.

Best Multiplay - Battlefield Series
Class types - check; land/sea/air vehicles - check; mod support - check; dedicated servers - check; patch/update support - check; 32+ player support - check; unlimited fun - check. First to do it all - CHECK!

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